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Book of Echoes is a musical story book of 7 songs about 7 archangels and 7 personal healing lessons. Each song is written (according to the lore) in the key of the archangel. The songs are chapters of a two year time span which tells the personal journey of 7 healing lessons: Lessons on learning on how to be strong in moments of vulnerability when the journey is not clear. And how ancient lessons can be learned again and again, empowering and giving courage in the darkness of betrayal, disillusionment, and grief. Book of Echoes is a regenerative spell woven of feminist power incantations and Middle Eastern inspired beats. Two additional tracks are spoken word pieces further exploring the story.

Featuring musicians: Adrienne Davies from EARTH on percussion, Derek Terran from Wind Burial on drums, Jayson Kochan from Midday Veil on bass , Caitlin Olive on violin and a collaborative track with techno artist Bardo Basho. Engineered and co-producer by Jeffery Mcnulty. Artwork by Natalie Foss. Digital copies available

A limited run of 300 cassettes including download cards released by Flat Field Records.

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